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As if they wanted to prove their love, there’s this cassette. And if you let it roll you can hear the psychedelic muddiness, as layers of electrified imperfection, melting into fragile intimacy. And you can hear a band, loud and simple.

Some call it Psych Wave, referring to that particular blend this four-piece provides. Some even say witnessing a concert of I MADE YOU A TAPE feels like «watching a strange rock outfit implode in slow motion». And some frankly give in when it comes to finding a few describing words. But the most common notion is: this Berne based quartet is about to reach out for the international underground.
Ane Hebeisen, Der Bund: «Da ist etwas ganz und gar Eigentümliches entstanden, acht Lieder, die nie damit aufhören, die Neugier zu kitzeln»

The Revue, Canada: «The song (Proud And Young) methodically inches along, which allows the synths, rhythms, and guitar reach sinister levels while front woman Sibill Urweider’s voice slowly achieves a Siouxsie Sioux piercing quality.»

Marie Gfeller, Berner Kulturagenda: «I Made You A Tape geben ihrer Generation eine Stimme, und die hat Verve.»

Vera Urweider, Bieler Tagblatt: «Die Band bewegt sich mit «Proud And Young» genau auf der Kante des schmalen Grates zwischen betörendem Hörgenuss und aparter Überraschung.»
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